EGYPT HOLIDAYS TOURS  is founded since 2010 , and recognized by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism license number 1825 and a member of Egyptian Travel Agents Association (ETAA) & International Air Transport Association (IATA) .

EGYPT HOLIDAYS TOURS  is a proactive travel company with an international comprehensive approach of innovation and excellence, all operations are executed by a team of professionally qualified professional tour operators.

EGYPT HOLIDAYS TOURS  mission is to provide quality and excellence to our customers promptly and exclusively, with a commitment for absolute customer satisfaction that leads to a mutually, beneficial lifelong relationship. 

we hope you share our

Mission & Vision

EGYPT HOLIDAYS TOURS  experienced representatives place a premium on communication so that they can fully understand clients’ needs. This understanding allows us to serve our clients as well as our business partners and become part in achieving their individual and business goals. Getting clients to their destination and back is only half the job we seek to provide demonstrable value for customer satisfaction.

EGYPT HOLIDAYS Tours offers high quality services tailored to suit all tourists’ needs and interests. Our slogan is “quality is our top priority”.

Our staff experienced travel industry professionals and are very enthusiastic about the services they promote and offer.
We are competent with our experienced staff, excellent locations all over Egypt, as well as effective management and marketing policies that have a large concentration of leisure travel for both individuals and groups, providing them with specialized and distinguished services with competitive rates.

– Private Guided Tours

– Guaranteed delivery of our confirmed programs.

– Flexibility

– Customer Service 24/7, Rapid Response E-mail

-EGYPT HOLIDAYS Tours  is a Member of the Egyptian Travel Agent Association (ETAA) & International Air Transport Association (IATA) . to ensure your financial security.

Affordable Travels

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